Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 10 malayalam film dialogues

Sabari’s top 10 Malayalam film dialogues

The American Film Institute has a list of 100 most famous film quotes. It ranges from complex dialogues like “I love the smell of napalm…” from Apocalypse Now to simple words like “Rosebud” from Citizen Kane. I aint no Superman when it comes to movies but this is a list of famous dialogues which struck me when I thought of the above topic.

The following list is my choice. No one dare question me.

1. “Davidetta….Kingfisher unda, chilled?” (Thuvanathumpikal, 1987)
This tops my list as these words effectively convey the intricacies of Mannarthodiyil Jayakrishnan. Shot at the Sharabi bar in Casino hotel, Trichur this scene is also famous for Mohanlal gulping down a bottle of beer in a single shot.

Kingfisher could have quadrupled its sales by using this dialogue but alas, those weren’t the days of surrogate ads and brand placements.

2. “Bha…Pulle” (Commisoner, 1993)
These words gave birth to a new superstar in Malayalam who subsequently mouthed obscenities on the screen for a long time to come. A generation was swayed by these two words.

3. “Nee po, mone Dinesha” (Narasimham, 2000)
Kerala witnessed clones of Induchoodan wearing blue/ black lungis, white kurtas and sporting the twirled moustache. Dineshan became synomous with mediocrity and inferiority.

4. “Thomaskutty, vittoda” (In harihar Nagar)
The perfect escape.

I’m a lazy fucker, so can’t write anymore as of now. Blog will be updated when the author feels motivated to do so. So I am just jotting down the quotes here

5. “Vidamatte..Nee enne vidamatte?” (Manichitrathazhu)

6. “Ramji Rao speaking” (Ramji Rao speaking)

7. “ Kochumuthalali….” (Chemmen)

8. “ Poyi taaski viliyada” (Thenmavin Kombathu)

9. “Pavanayi Shavamayi” (Naadodikattu)

10. “Thalle, Kalippukalu theeranillallo” (Rajamanickam)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trivandrum...7 years back

to be written soon. Im just motivating myself to write :-)