Sunday, February 25, 2007

Traits of a master Orkutter
- Orkuts every 3 mins
-Starts intellectually stimulating Orkut communities like "Petrol Bunk in NH8 next to Radisson Hotel", "Butter chicken in MDI mess is awesome", "Parking @ Metro mall is better than parking @ DT Mall", "Salman should get Oscar for Salam E Ishq", etc
- Describes himself as "kool, handsome and romantic"
-Daily scrap is "Do u want to make friend ship with me"
-Joins 3000 communites
-Creates bogus profiles to increase number of fans


Anand K said...

Hallon bro'..... welcome to ze blogosphere!

First things first......
David Davidar of Penguin wants me to start writing and preserve my tenets of wisdom in e-land!!! :-)

David Davidar himself? Really?
When was this?
Kudos for taking this step finally.

Why did I start blogging?
I hadn't put down my thoughts into words for a long time and some of my pals were asking me to start blogging for quite some time. Thought I should blog as an exercise in honing my writing skills, mental release, mental onanism :D and of course watching those comments flow in.

It might take time for your blog to get noticed, maybe never at all (God forbid). I myself owe a lot to our Jiby 'coz he was a popular and established blogger and the very day I started blogging, he linked my blog in his.... my first readers were the ones who respected his endorsement. It was only later on that the "word" got around....

Anyway, what really matters is your true reason behind blogging. Some people write endlessly to find closure, some are meticulous record keepers and some want to hone their communication skills. There are folks out their who use the blog solely to feed their ego, but IMO it is ultimately an exercise in futility. I was fired up enough only last night (after watching a Cuaron movie) to make a post after a self-imposed exile of 4 months.... An exile I chose though I had notched a decent readership of 1000 per month. It was partly due to the work load and partly because I didn't get that "vibe" to write. Why write if you don't really FEEL you want to put somethng down in black & white?

Anyway, get my drift? :) Let the blog be your psyche on the net.... let it be your force multiplier.... let it be your confessional priest. But don't let it be a mere vehicle for one's self/ego. I've seen good bloggers degrade in that fashion... write just to corral the usual readers, content quality and his/her own mind be damned.

Just my 2 paisa.

All the best.... happy hunting!

Megha said...

(i just asked Anirudh for the link to his Blog which has just came to existence a few days ago! and i was directed to ur Blog....on his very 2nd post)
Hey Sabari!
It was worth visiting i must say!
The previous post which talks about How a guy still managed to NORMAL after being nailed down wid those monotonous..jargons of MBA!
literally made me giggle...!
Nice way to put things across, i like the way you write and mention about an Orkutter who scraps daily-asking do u want to make Frrrnnn-ship wid me!!

HAppy Blogging!

കിരണ്‍ ചന്ദ്രമോഹനന്‍ said...

ഒടുവില്‍ നീ അതും തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ.....കൊള്ളാം....നടക്കട്ടെ......