Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why I started blogging?

Top 3 reasons for me to start blogging
- No more ubiquitous ringing of the mobile phone

- 3 terms in MDI had made me realize that there r better things in life than "Performance Management Systems"

-David Davidar of Penguin wants me to start writing and preserve my tenets of wisdom in e-land!!! :-)

3 qualities I developed in MDI
-Art of patience: Ability to listen to words like "Strategy", "Strategic Business Partner", "Innovation", "Vision", "Mission","Motivation", "Change Management", "Core Competency" 10000 times a day and still remain normal
-Art of making PPTs:
Step 1: Ping in IP Messengers for existing PPTs
Step 2: Change the background and font to "Tahoma"
Step 3: Edit the Group Name from Group x to Group 3
Step 4: Email it to group mates
Step 5: Continue watching the movie
-Dont ask the question "But,... she had a boyfriend outside college and u were going steady with ur Gf..."
I guess Ekta Kapoor/ Karan Johar should talk to Kush Pandey(our Hostel& Mess Secy.) or Choudhary(Mess Contractor) and stay in the boys hostel for a day. They are sure to get really good story lines.


Ta Ryan said...

kollamedo kollaaaaam !!
pray that the profs at mdi dont get to ure blogs !!

V said...

The third quality you've developed is certainly necessary :D

You've actually named yourself after that book...I must read it sometime.